Become an Affiliate



Do you love fashion?  Interested in becoming a Chicks Picks Boutique brand ambassador?  Want to earn extra income?

Become an affiliate and earn up to a 15% commission on every sale generated through your link!

We're so excited you're here! Hopefully you’ve made your way here because you love our unique collection of on trend fashionable apparel and accessories. If you love our product, we invite you to apply to join our affiliate team! 

Have a blog? A Facebook Page? An Instagram Page? A Tumblr? A Website? A Youtube Channel? Affiliate marketing is easy to get set up and is an exciting way to make money, even while you're sleeping! 

It's as simple as adding your unique URL to a Facebook post, a blog post, Youtube video, or your website, and whenever someone clicks that link and buys something from our store you'll earn money! You drive the sales, we pack and ship the products, you sit back and watch your money grow! 

Our program is free to join and it's easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge. This program is an excellent way to earn some extra cash on the side by simply telling others about our brand!

Join our affiliate program and begin earning commission on orders made by people you refer!



The process is very simple:

  1. You share your affiliate link on your website, YouTube videos, Facebook, Pinterest, Blog, Tumblr, emails, etc.
  2. Someone clicks your link and visits our site
  3. If that person places an order, you get credit for the sale
  4. We deposit all your commission money into your PayPal account once a month.

The more you sell, the more money you make! Our tiered commission plan offers higher sales commissions to outstanding affiliate members who succeed in reaching specific sales milestones during each 30-day cookie period.

For example:

Every new affiliate member starts with a base commission of 10%. Affiliate members will earn 10% on all 1-15 referral sales made within each 30-day cookie cycle. When an affiliate member establishes their 16th referral sale (within the 30-day cookie cycle), they will automatically be upgraded to the Tier 2 commission level, which allows them to receive a 15% sales commission on all net sales (including those sales made at the Tier 1 level). This means, when a Tier 2 level is reached, the Tier 1 level commission of 10% will no longer apply and will be upgraded to the Tier 2 commission level.

The commission level you have achieved within the 30-day cookie cycle will be the sales commission you will receive as payment at the end of your 30-day cookie period*. (Commission rates are to be adjusted, according to the Tiered Sales Commissions Levels below, at the end of each 30-day cookie cycle). 

*Sales commission tiers will refresh and start again, at the Tier 1 level, every 30-day cookie cycle. Commission revenues do not include any applicable taxes and/or shipping fees.



  • Earn 10-15% on total net sales per 30-day cookie cycle.
  • Our generous tiered commission offers great incentives to outstanding achievers. Compensation will be based on the number of sales you bring into our website. The more referral sales you make, the more money you make! (See levels of sales commissions below)
  • No setup fees
  • Payments via PayPal
  • Regular earnings, paid on a monthly bases
  • Advanced Affiliate dashboard with analytics and banner code generator
  • Real-Time Statistics and Reporting: Login 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic, account balance and see how your banners are performing.

Tiered Sales Commission Levels*

Sales Commission Levels

Number of Sales Referred
(30-day Cookie Cycle)



Tier 1



Tier 2



*Restarts every 30-day cookie cycle




Once you have applied, and your application is accepted, you will have access to your very own affiliate link and affiliate dashboard where you will be able to easily manage, track and receive reports on all the sales that you bring to our website! You will also have access to all of our visuals and banner ads to help you promote our brand! If a specific size banner ad is not available, the Affiliate member may contact the Affiliate Program manager at and request a new banner graphic be added to the available resources.


For more information on our affiliate program and how it works, please email: